Long Story Short


Life’s a pitch: A truism not just in entertainment, but advertising too. We believe that every commercial we make is a pitch to win the hearts and minds of potential clients and customers. Our next goal is helping brands and companies bring their products, causes, and superhero origin stories to life. Be it commercials on airing on television, social media, or in-person, our goal is to to tell a brand’s story in a powerful but concise manner to cut through all the noise (literally true in the case of our most recent LSTN headphone commercial).

Being car guys, we got our start as a commercial production company making high quality content for Audi, Porsche, BMW, & Mercedes Benz; all of which have garnered not only critical acclaim but also coveted YouTube vitality. Our Porsche/Chase Car ‘Behind the Chase’ video has gotten more than 200,000 plus views on YouTube and Vimeo so far and we have went all the way at the infamous Nürburgring ‘Green Hell’ in Germany to film a commercial for the Audi R8 LMS Cup last year.

Most recently, we produced a commercial starring Saff from Tiger King and a hybrid short film/commercial in the vein of BMW’s short films for Aston Martin’s latest release of the Aston Martin DB11 Grand Tourer featuring the late Verne Troyer (RIP), Jonathan Lipnicki, and Chris Mintz-Plasse.


Los Angeles is known worldwide as the city of dreams and we decided to take that a step further in this LSTN Headphone commercial about a girl who dreams of the big city despite being a world away.


We shot the Tiger King sequel! No, not really, but we did get to produce this awesome commercial with Saff from Tiger King for Class Cast, a new fitness app startup in Los Angeles, CA.

Commercial + Documentary

Take a behind the scenes look at the brand new Porsche Panamera Turbo Camera Crane car by Porsche and Chase Car Inc. A docu-commercial about the origins of not only the company but the brothers behind it too.


Watch Kat of Primitive Athletics demolish a set of intense workouts without even breaking a sweat as part of their first ever commercial that we were very honored to film and photograph. 


A short spot we did for the Audi R8 LMS Cup in Nürburgring, Germany. Shot on anamorphic glass to highlight the exciting sights and sounds of the infamous circuit.


You’ve seen the car commercials, the car races, and the car chases – But have you seen the Chase Car itself? We take a meta look at the guys behind the car chases you’ve come to know and love over the years.


This recruitment commercial shows the delicate balance between both the strong and softer arms of the law.


A Canon commercial we shot at Paramount featuring the legendary Martin Scorsese talking about the then-new Canon C300 Video Camera.

Hollywood and the automotive industry have had a long established relationship of collaboration since the dawn of the picture car. So we made a cross promotional ad campaign between Porsche Cars North America and Chase Car inc. 


A series of commercials we produced for Wrapal, a startup that connects filmmakers to film locations via an online marketplace. We created an eccentric purple-clad mascot for maximum memorability. 


We all want positive change for our community, but why not be the change you want to be?


After our last Xploderz commercial got acquired, they then had us make their first national spot that ran on Nickelodeon for the Xploderz X Groundpounder 2500.






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