El Segundo Police Dept.

Behind the Scenes

El Segundo Police Department: Change Everything

We all want positive change for our community, but why not be the change you want to be? That was our mission statement when coming up with this recruitment spot for the El Segundo Police Department. We see our hero journey from a scared, powerless victim to that of a skilled, confident, and fearless hero who helps others in need. 

Shot in first person point of view, we wanted the commercial to be short, sweet, but also completely immersive too.

Starring: Real Police Officers of the El Segundo Police Department
Directed & Edited by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”
Produced by: Derek Sherwood, Ed Villareal
Music by: Tim Schmalz
Sound Design by: Barry Weir Jr.
Motion Graphics by: George Moise
Cinematographer: Kyle Fallon
1st ACs: Stephen Branagan, Trevor Taylor
2nd AC: Max Thedeby
Additional Camera: Dae McDonald
Gaffer: Stacy Dean
Sound: Derek Sherwood
Production Coordinator: Jaraad Gordon
Production Assistants: Ryan Ramsey, Josiah Yu, Amy Skyes, Kathleen LaMarque,
VFX by: Jeff Fuller
Special Thanks: Jeff Chobanian, Gabriel Lane, Luke Muir, Chris Pluchar, Bill Ruane, City of El Segundo, Hawthorne Police Department
Shot on: Doggicam Systems

We shot everything from a first perspective perspective, which was both unique and challenging at the same. One of the most amazing things was also getting to film with real police officers and their equipment to get extra authenticity and realism. 





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Los Angeles 90034