Presenting Jo Wrapal

Jo Wrapal - Commercial Series/Ad campaign

Inspired by heroes we’ve come to know and love like the Dollar Shave Club guy, the Old Spice man and Dos Equis “the Most Interesting Man in the World”, we were inspired to create our own super hero – Jo Wrapal, a smug, self-aware and arguably accurate description of a Hollywood film producer. We created this persona and a slew of 3 accompanying commercials for, a startup that connected filmmakers to film locations across the country.

Filming in continuous one-takes, our team had to go through a serious level of coordination and multiple takes before we could finally nail the perfect shot. The results were well worth and left us chuckling for more.

Starring: Graham Clarke, Adrienne Camille, Aubrey Mozino, Rama Gidion, Lauren Gennawey, Nicholas Cu, Nick Oleksiew, Hugh Martinez, Nerris Nassiri, Reby Keszycki, Miles Allen, Aidan Powell, Gabriel Lane, Gordon Best, Cristian Coldea, Abby Silva, Alex Portin, Georgina Bekerian, Robert Orozco
Directed by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”
Producers: Derek Sherwood
Assistant Director: Dean Rowe
Production Designer: Danielle Lee
Edited by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”
Cinematographer: Kyle Fallon
Gaffer: Robert Orozco
1st Assistant Camera: Karla Wilson
Production Manager: Ryan Ramsey
Production Assistants: Jaraad Gordon, Adonnis Asencio, Agnesa Vavrinova, Stone Frankle
Sound: Blaine Fuller
Make Up: Sylvia LaMarque





8800 Venice Blvd, Suite 303,
Los Angeles 90034