LSTN: City of Dreams

Behind the Scenes

LSTN Headphones: City of Dreams - Commercial

We all know music takes us to a different place mentally, but what if they had the power to take us to a whole different place; literally. This kernel of an idea was the genesis of our commercial for the LSTN Headphone Company.

Shot over a 12 hour period overnight around the city of Los Angeles, we explored the transformative power of music as personified by these amazing headphones and showed how quality audio can take us wherever we want. 

Directed by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”
Shot & Edited by: Trevor Hollander
1st Assistant Camera: Daniel Appel
2nd Assistant Camera: James LaFortezza
VFX Supervisor: Paul DeNigris
Production Assistants: Jeremy Max Sporn, Ji WenQian





8800 Venice Blvd, Suite 303,
Los Angeles 90034