Long Story Short


As a TV & Film production company, short films started out as our bread and better. 

We have been making them since 2007 and love the medium; and hope to parlay that know-how into a feature film or television show one day. However, short or long, we believe the best stories are often the most explosive and being action aficionados, excel at blowing it up for the big screen.

Our first claim to fame for kinetic, high octane action films as a film production company was the Iraq War movie Kill Joy which premiered on HBO’s Project Greenlight in 2015. Since then, we have gone on to produce short films for the U.S. Army, Los Angeles Police Department, and the American Legion, as well as several independent films such as HOLDOUT – a WWII action movie shot on Hawaii and based on the true story of the last-ever Japanese holdout, Hiro Onoda. 

Outside the action genre, we also love dramas and recently produced a docu-drama short film ‘3 Day Eviction’ about an apartment manager who has to evict all his tenants and Sensor, a horror-thriller short about a veteran haunted by his past demons. We even made a short that ended up on TV – Dubbed ‘Battle H2O’ and featuring the ‘Xploderz’ water gun, it was broadcast on Nickelodeon and was televised at primetime throughout North America. Talk about an explosive debut for our newly formed production company!


Haunted by his experiences from the war, a Vietnam Veteran has had enough. Sensor was our first short thriller and horror film.

Short Film

On routine patrol through a small Iraqi hamlet, a convoy of US Army vehicles is suddenly ambushed. Finalist of HBO’s Project Greenlight.

Short Film

Based on a true story of the last ever Japanese holdout from WW2, Lt Hiro Onoda. A period piece shot on location in Oahu, Hawaii.

Short Film

A cynical, washed-out police Sergeant leaving the force is faced with a dilemma when his rookie partner is killed.

Short Film

Imagine a world where water is deadly. That was the starting premise of our spec commercial that ended up getting acquired by the Maya Toy Group/Xploderz and aired as a TV commercial.

Branded Short Film

What happens when you make an action film for your gender reveal? Look of further than ‘The Delivery’, part branded commercial, part short film, part parody of life in the fast lane with Erik Valdez and starring his close friends Verne Troyer and Jonathan Lipnicki. 

Short Film

After successful heist on the mob, 5 robbers meet at their rendezvous location. This was one of our first ever short action films that featured real police helicopters, cars, and SWAT guys. 






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