Branded Short Film + Commercial

Battle H2O

Battle H2O: a fun branded short film commercial

Imagine a world where water is deadly. Battle: H2O is a spec commercial we did for the Xploderz water gun company (Maya Toy Group) that ended up being picked up by them (to be renamed Battle: X after Xploderz) and subsequently clinched us our first national and international TV spots on Nickelodeon for Xploderz. 

We shot this commercial over half a day with a combination of 5D Mk2s, GoPros, and a single Phantom flex high speed camera and our biggest challenge was trying not to get the cameras wet while having as much fun as possible.

Starring: Jasyn Jeffries, Tony Fiala, Radick Cembrzynski, Dina Fiala, Whitney Moore, Stephanie Lynn, Wesley John, Kamil Haque, Xango Hendry, Erin Granat, Alex Case, Caitlin Bishop, Karen Crane, Julia Koheler, 
Directed by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”
Producers: Katryna Shattuck, Hans Wang, Andrea Pasquettin
Edited by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”
Cinematographer: Graham Robbins
VFX Supervisor: Matthew T. Lynn
High Speed Camera Operator: Dan Panzone
Camera Team: Andrew Bemis, Aaron Hall, Jace McPartland, Carr Thompson
Production Coordinators: George Prado, Ty Coughenour
BTS Photo: Hans Wang
Gaffer: Joe Yacey
Grips: Tyler Hart, Sam Hamilton
Production Assistant: Scott Millard

Despite being done completely on spec for fun on a warm Sunday afternoon, we put it online with zero expectations but were contacted by the Maya Toy Group, the company behind ‘Xploderz’ and they not only bought the video from us as a commercial but also commissioned us to film a slew of national TV commercials that aired on Nickelodeon internationally. 





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