Short Film


Slick: A modern heist short film with a twist

First four minutes of Slick, one our first ever independent short films shot in Riverside, California. 

After successful heist on the mob, 5 robbers meet at their rendezvous location. One of them suddenly doubles over dead. Suspecting a rat in their midst with the arrival of SWAT teams via helicopters imminent, accusations fly and conflicting personalities clash in a heated standoff that could very well spell life and death for all involved.

Special thanks to California Aviation Services for the helicopters and Diffenbaugh for the location.


Starring: Aidan Bristow, Wayne Stribling, Mike McNamee, Jillian Fisher, Nathanael Overby, Kate Bridal, Michele Boyd, Carl Isherwood, Leon T. Mann, Bill Babcock, Gabriel Lane, Nick Turjillo, Steven Trujillo Jr, Bryan Sewell, Derrick Griego, Justin Harralson, Greg Hendrix, Ruth Camarillo, Jonathan Hart, LeLand White, Andrea Pasquettin, Gary Robert, Stan Morrison, Alfredo Figueroa, Rodrique Van Blake, Jeremy Cowley, Eric Chan, Caesar Marmolejo, Michael Calles, Michael Carollo, Hector Rivera, Leo Bell
Directed by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”, Kevin Theal
Producers: JP Castel, Steve Nguyen, Richard Zapp, Alex McKay
Edited by: Kendra Pasker
Music by: Robert Safir
Assistant Director: Gavin Green
2nd Assistant Director: Kari Lane
2nd Unit Director: Masumi Asahi
Post Production Assistants: Erika Drazen, Katryna Shattuck, Loren Prendergast 
Colorists: Carey Gallagher, Danny Gallagher
VFX Supervisor: JP Castel
Producers: Richard Zapp, Alex McKay
Production Manager: Kate Clothier
Set Manager: Bradley Guarano
Director of Photography: Ivan Valadez
1st Assistant Camera: Aldo Valadez
Written by: Kevin Theal, Thomas Marquez
Assistant Writers: Lyn Stephenson, Chloe Veylit 
Sound Designer: David Long
Camera Team: Humberto De Luna, Doc Bernard, Masumi Asahi Special Effects: Thomas Marquez
Sound Operators: Leon T. Mann III, Ronn Kilby, Denton Bulaclac Storyboard: Thomas Marquez
Choreographer/Armorer: Wayne Altman
Location Manager: Richard Zapp, Joe Martinez
Casting: Gavin Greene
Script Supervisor: Kirsten Graham
Serene Lee
Make Up: Alka Sharma
Technical Coordinator: Mitch Gunn
Prop Master: Gary Robert
Aerial Film Coordinator: John Gallata
Production Assistants: Morgan Vicario, Levi Jackson, Hart Lee, Tim Lee, Alan Troung, James Porras, Royce Cho
BTS Photographers: Ryan Tiet, Michael Chu, Timothy Wang, Thomas H. Frederick, Brian Evangelista Graphic Designers: Michael Vu, John Giries, Krissy Taylor
Publicists: Mark Lester, Jamey Schrick, Andrea Fasano, Anny Huang, Katie Colllin, Yusuke Sato, Kevin Longa, Asher Blumberg, Ty Coughenhour, Nick Fullen-Collins
Special Thanks: California Aviation Services, Diffenbaugh Inc, City of Riverside, Stickblade Inc, Step 1 Productions, Bengal Productions, Renegade Studios, Marcello’s Pizza, Big Ben Army Surplus, Force vs. Force, Leo Bell, John Gellata, Ellie Uli, Tim Chin, Alexei Vranich, Jim Whitaker, Kyle Hoffman, Lindy Fennex, Kim Tan, Nick Chapa, Kenn Heller, 

One of our first ever independent short films, Slick got into the Riverside International Film Festival, Action on Film Festival, Temecula Valley Film Festival, Campus Movie Fest and the Vignette Film Festival.





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Los Angeles 90034