Commercial + Branded Short Film

The Delivery

The Delivery - Branded Short Film + Commercial

The Delivery is an over-the-top action satire about a man rushing to deliver (pun intended) the news to his wife about their child’s gender. Its a humorous, tongue-in-cheek critique at the rise of more and more ridiculous gender reveal movies online in what used to be a simple, ordinary, no-frills affair. The film stars Erik Valdez, Jonathan Lipnicki, and the late Verne Troyer who sadly passed away a day after filming concluded.

We got brought into the project by Erik who was impressed by our past action and automotive work since he wanted a hybrid of the two. Though comedy wasn’t really our wheelhouse (pun again intended), we worked with Erik to come up with some good moments of levity so the film had high stakes yet still felt fresh and light. 

Starring: Erik Valdez, Candice Valdez, Verne Troyer, Jonathan Lipnicki, Chris Mintz-Plasse, Coby Ryan McLaughlin
Directed by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”
Producers: Erik Valdez
Line Producer: Stephen Enloe
Music by: Jordan “Infinity” Suecof
Edited by: John McMinn
Cinematographer: Vic Huber
Steadicam: Ivan Valadez
Camera Team: James LaFortezza, Robert Chuck, Kenan Kamal, Alex Evans,
Grips: Robert Orozco, Ryan Sadler
BTS Video & Coloring/DI: Trevor Hollander
Camera Car: Marshall Chabot
Production Manager: Emily Oeller 
Assistant Directors: John McMinn, Chris Wilson
Production Assistants: Rupanshee Sharma, Charlie Gorzelak, Aaron Brakband

After releasing the film, we were featured on Extra TV as part of Erik and Candice Valdez’s baby announcement. Sadly, a lot of the celebration was overshadow by the untimely death of Verne Troyer and our film was dedicated to him.





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