Branded Commercial/Short Film

The Rook

The Rook: an Immersive Virtual Reality Police Experience

In partnership with Holor Media and the El Segundo Police Department, we shot the world’s first ever first person Virtual Reality (VR) video. As the idea behind the project was to be as immersive as possible, we made the viewer the rookie, or the Rook, a fresh recruit to the job that needed the ins and outs of police work explained by much more seasoned police officers like Detective Luke Muir; thus giving our characters a reason to break the fourth wall and make the experience that much more unique and engaging. 

With an expansive view of what it takes to be a cop, Detective Muir takes our viewer on an incredible experience all the way from a real, live-fire gun range to a hostage rescue and a helicopter flight over the city of Los Angeles. We even detonated a flashback in front of our VR camera for the rescue for added authenticity. All in a day’s work. 

Starring: Luke Muir
Directed by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”
Produced by: Kymber Lim, Frank Ishizaki, Ed Villareal, Alan Ou
Music by: Tim Schmalz
Cinematographer: Kyle Fallon
Edited by: John Peeler
1st ACs: Stephen Branagan, Trevor Taylor
2nd AC: Max Thedeby
Additional Camera: Dae McDonald
Gaffer: Stacy Dean
Sound: Derek Sherwood
Production Coordinator: Jaraad Gordon
Production Assistants: Ryan Ramsey, Josiah Yu, Amy Skyes, Kathleen LaMarque,
VFX by: Erick Geisler
Post Production Coordinator: Guillom Hines
Post Production Producer: Matt Olson
Special Thanks: Jeff Chobanian, Gabriel Lane, Luke Muir, Chris Pluchar, Bill Ruane, City of El Segundo, Hawthorne Police Department, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
Shot on: Holor Camera Systems

We were lucky to be featured on Jaunt VR’s homepage for a few weeks and were their number one hit VR video for a month. 





8800 Venice Blvd, Suite 303,
Los Angeles 90034