Short Film Documentary + Virtual Reality 360 Video

Leaders Made Here

Leaders Made here - U.S. army virtual reality 360 video

Nature vs. nurture, born vs. bred. It’s a debate as old as time. Are leaders born, or are they made? To the United States Army, the former is the case. 

Hot on the heels of the Virtual Reality (VR) revolution, we were commissioned by the United States Army Reserve Officer Cadet Training Corps (ROTC) in conjunction with Holor media to produce the U.S. Army’s first ever VR 360 recruitment video. Featuring the cadets of Bruin Battalion out of UCLA, we wanted to give viewers an all-immersive, in-depth experience on what it was like to go through a Field Training Exercise (FTX) over one very long weekend at the Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton. 

Striving for realism, the crew consisted of film professionals as well as an Army Public Affairs team who did everything the cadets did in order to strive for maximum realism.

Starring: The cadets of Bruin Battalion 
Directed by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”
Producers: Frank Ishizaki, Kymber Lim
Edited by: John Peeler
Camera Team: Derek Sherwood, Dae McDonald
VFX Supervisor: Erick Gleiser
Post Production Coordinator: Guillom Hines
Post Production Producer: Matt Olson
Special Thanks: Lt. Colonel Shannon Stambrensky, Victoria Sanelli, UCLA ROTC, Holor Media

Being the Army’s first ever Virtual Reality 360 video targeting millennials and techies who liked the VR space, we were lucky to be featured on We Are the Mighty, as well as a few other military press outlets who praised it’s originality and engaging story while preserving the heart and soul of the cadets and cadre featured. 





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