Long Story Short


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. We think that applies doubly to travel videos. 

While a newer addition to our production company repertoire, travel has been another growing niche of the company’s. Having shot on every inhabited continent,  Long Story Short has filmed at incredible locations ranging from Machu Pichu all the way to the Sphinx and the Serengeti. Our goal is to one day have filmed in every continent and visited every country on this amazing planet. 110 down, 76 more countries to go!

On top of winning Condé Nast’s best travel video award last year, Long Story Short also produced Fencing in Laikipia for the Laikipia Wildlife Forum, a Non-Government Organization (NGO) commercial featuring the last two Northern White Rhinos in Kenya. Though our clients are from all corners of the globe and have unique mission statements, our goal is to help bring their vision to life – be it a new product launch, Public Service Announcement, or travel video showcasing a particular locale.

Most recently, we debuted a trifecta of swimwear commercials of the popular Hawaiian swimwear company, ILA SWIM by Avian Ku and produced our very first music video for the acclaimed m-pact acapella group in Los Angeles entitled ‘Guillotine’.

Commercial + Travel Video

What makes us travel? This short clip that won Condé Nast Traveler’s Best Travel video is a love letter to the soles that push us to see the world in order to nourish our souls too.

Commercial + Travel Video

It’s no coincidence ILA Swimwear sounds island inspired and we had the chance to film on-location in Hawaii for this commercial/travel video about 3 girls on their day off enjoying the sea, sun and sand.

Music Video

Our very first music video featuring the talented acapella group m-pact and their cover of the song Guillotine complete teaming up with a fire dancing troupe to sizzling effect.

PSA + Travel Video

Normally, fences are associated with segregation and separation. But here in Laikipia, fences don’t offend – they defend. This is the crux of this commercial we made for the Laikipia Wildlife Forum.






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