Long Story Short


Creating cinematic films and videos are our forte as a production company but we also love behind the scenes photos, still photography, street portraiture, glamor shoots, mixed media and everything in-between. Throughout our filmmaking and video production journey, we often find ourselves taking great still images that are almost as great as the videos themselves. Be it jaw dropping travel photography or dramatic behind the scenes set photography, these photos make us pause from the hustle and bustle of videography and take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are to do what we do as a production company. 

Additionally, we often found that what was happening behind the camera was sometimes far more dramatic than what was happening in front of it. Without an official outlet to publish these images, we thus decided to upload as many of them as possible online for posterity and ‘why not’ purposes. So without further ado, here are some of our past photos for your viewing and ogling pleasure. 

Photo Gallery

Thanks to filming around the world, we’ve visited more than 110 countries and have managed to snap some incredible travel photos along the way.

Photo Gallery

Sometimes, the process of production behind the scenes is far more dramatic that what’s happening in front of the camera, so here are our best set photos.

Photo Gallery

We were commissioned by the Kenyan state of Laikipia to photograph the spaces and faces of the area as part of a human interest project. 






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