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behind the scenes + making of - set photos

We love behind the scenes photos. While the images that go in front of the camera are the most important, what goes on behind on set is arguably just as important – and sometimes equally as dramatic. Documenting our sets, actors, props, costumes, and cameras is never easy in such a chaotic environment and it takes true skill to capture creativity in action.

We’ll never forget one set photographer who literally strapped himself on to the hood of an Audi to keep pace with one of our camera cars in order to capture the perfect shot of both it and the picture car together. Their dedication to documentation is second to none. As they say, pictures say a thousand words and when you’re on a movie set, the right picture is easily ten thousand times that. Indeed, with some of the best set photographers in the industry gracing us with their lenses, we couldn’t be prouder to showcase their hard work and creativity. 

Behind the Scenes Photographers: 

  • Scott Dee
  • Sanjay Belani
  • Valentina Vee
  • Migwa Nthiga
  • Mike Adan
  • Alex McKay
  • Brian L. Tan “BLT”
  • Trevor Hollander
  • Ivan Valadez
  • Steven Lam
  • Nar Levoni 
  • Aldo Valadez
  • Thomas Frederick 





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