Travel Photography

Travel Photography & Portraits

Our filmmaking journey has taken us around the world – to more than 110 countries and every inhabited continent. Each city, country, and continent we’ve ever been to has been unique and special in their own way, but they also all share a lot of similarities. We’ve found that no matter who they are or where they live, humans around the world all care about the same things: family, friends, and food.

Our travel photography try to paint a picture of a world that’s diverse and different, but also one that shares a few common threads that make us all ultimately human and we’ll be there to capture them – one photo at a time. 

Photographed by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”, Trevor Hollander
Edited by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”, Trevor Hollander
Featuring: Dae McDonald, Live Stella Reinhold, Lauren Leola Pinkston, Criselda Ung, Jeffrey Chan, Emily Oeller, Soraya Rais, Isabelle Bachtiar, Dar Levy, Paul Benson, Lauren Gennawey, Nicole McInctyre, James Erasmus, Oliver Erasmus, Julie Tzeng, Yana Shaparenko, Alexa Lazarides, Ewa Pazera, Joan Wandegi, Brian Lopez, Samantha Rogers, Anja Kuhar, Adeline Kho, Chelsea Carter, Rosie Burr, Anna Karachentseva, Reka Banos, Trevor Hollander





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