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Solesearching - Commercial + Travel Video

Travel the world for free? Twist my arm, will ya? That’s how we felt when we got commissioned by Holor Media to travel the world filming with their latest 360 Virtual Reality cameras. However, after awhile, we got itchy – Shooting VR was interesting and all, but leaving a camera standing in cool locations wasn’t the most engaging.

So we did what we did best and started shooting travel content for fun while waiting for the 360 cameras to do their thing. Not thinking much of it, we started to slowly edit the hours upon hours of footage we shot into a coherent montage. We came up with a super simple story narrated via voiceover about how our literal soles helped free our metaphorical souls via travel when Condé Nast approached us to enter their “Shorties” competition. 

Not thinking much of it, we submitted anyway and lo and behold ended up winning the grand prize and were voted by audiences and judges alike to be the Best Travel Video of the year. We were floored and happily accepted their offer to fly us to South Africa later that year to shoot more content. 

Shot by: Brian L. Tan “BLT”
Producers: Kymber Lim, Marty Kovalsky
Edited by: Trevor Hollander
Voiceover: Miles Allen
Special Thanks: Willard Tressel

We were floored to win Condé Nast Traveler’s Best Travel Video award at their annual Shorties festival where they threw us a big party and we got to meet the staff behind the magazine and had an award ceremony with Editor in Chief Pilar Guzmán.





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